I was always afraid of death. But since my Mum passed away peacefully, I’m not afraid of death any more. Jesus has always been here for me and guiding me.

From the time I was created, He knew me and had my life planned.

I was born in Ramsgate, Kent, England and was christened in a church dating back to 1230; St Mary’s Parish, Watford, Hertfordshire where my Grandparents attended and where my Parents were married in 1946. 


My parents were not practicing Christians and I did not hear about Jesus till I started school in the UK. We had prayers and hymns every morning before class and always said grace at lunchtime. I suppose school was where the seed was sown. 

My real journey started in New Zealand. Jesus came to me through prayer, not through preaching as such. When I started to attend church, I was 19. And I was confirmed when I was 21 at St Mary’s Cathedral, Auckland.

 In 1974 I wanted to come to Australia on my own for a working holiday and my Lord gave me the courage to do this. A couple of years passed without attending church but I always prayed. 

I went back to the church I used to attend in Auckland with husband to be, where we married in 1975, My husband and I were blessed with 3 children; girl, boy, girl. 

Sadly in Sydney, 1980 my father passed way from cancer at the age of 52. The Lord was with me, giving me strength and courage through this hard time. My husband was in the Navy and away at that time and my mum was living in New Zealand.

In 1982 we moved to Canberra. I started to attend a Church in a classroom at the school of Gowrie, a new suburb. Then I moved onto St Mary of the Valley.

My Journey continued with Jesus, though I didn’t attend church for a while. 

In 2007 Mum’s Health quickly declined. I actually prayed for my Lord to take her home to Him, in 2008 He answered my prayers and He took her quietly away.

Early the followingyear, I asked two Christian friends about going back to church. I wanted to go back to an Anglican Church, and was invited to go to St Stephens in Kambah. Where I attended for eight and a half years. 

In 2013 I had a clear, strong calling to go to the Holy Land. The Lord knew I had always dreamt of going there. So I told my husband that day, that I was going to Turkey and Israel. He asked me “When? Next year?" I replied "No, this year [2013]!". Off I went, on my own, on a tour Lead by a Jewish Messiah Group. Oh! What a blessing that was. Two wonderful Jewish men baptized me in the Sea of Galilee. What a joy! 

Three and a half years later I felt I needed a change. The Lord was leading me AGAIN to a new horizon. To be honest I went to about three other churches, and then came to Lanyon Valley Anglican Church. It was my community church and I felt at home right away. I was very welcomed. Thank you, God bless. 

I miss my friends from St Stephens, but I still see and keep in touch and continue to go to special events. 

The last pass nine years has been my strongest faith journey yet! I cannot live without Jesus in my life. He is always with me, no matter what. I have learnt so much during this time spiritually. I was always afraid of death. But since my Mum passed away peacefully, I’m not afraid of death any more. Jesus has always been here for me and guiding me. Thank you Lord.

We have a few miles to go yet and I’m still growing in His love!