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We know people are struggling

Mental health is a significant issue in our community. And in our church. That's why we're partnering with Renew Church in a 4 week series called 'Jesus and Mental Health'. We believe the bible has profound wisdom for dealing with mental health, and that Jesus offers hope and healing in the midst of the messy reality of life.

About the survey

We created a short survey to help people to reflect on their experience of mental health, and to help us prepare a useful series of talks and discussion group material. Take the survey.

Survey results

The following graphs show the results of the survey, as at Tuesday 22 August, after 43 submissions (you can still take the survey). Throughout the graphs you'll find some of the stories people shared about their experience of mental ill health.


Question 1

Do you think Christians are less likely, just as likely, or more likely to experience mental ill health?

Question 2

Is mental illness a spiritual issue?

I have struggled with depression and anxiety for a number of years. As a guy I find this hard to share - I feel men aren’t meant to vulnerable, but also the stigma around mental health issues (less so now).
As is the case with any personal issue, I often don’t find it encouraging that God put people through this trial. This has challenged my faith - but ultimately I couldn’t get through it without his support and love. I can see how it has made me more Christ like though.
— Anonymous

Question 3

Others from church have told me about their struggle with: 

Question 4

I myself have experienced:

I suffer from mental health issues, and have benefited hugely from other Christians sharing their own struggles with me (good to know you’re not alone). Also, I find my mental health is often better when I am reading the Bible regularly (not that it is a cure, but I notice how much worse it is when I am not reading the Word). I’d like to challenge people to not view depression/anxiety/addiction as purely a spiritual thing and list off Bible passages as if reading them will fix things...especially on social media. Pride can creep in on this topic - I encourage those speaking to be VERY careful not to give an impression that mental health issues are any more a sign of weakness than physical illness/other sin - many ppl suffering already feel guilty, and that only makes it worse - harder to seek help.
— Anonymous

Question 5

Have you shared your struggle with anyone else at church?

Question 6

Do you think Christians should seek professional help for dealing with mental ill health?

We need to find a better way to love and support people with dignity, respect and compassion. Mental health is a personal journery and can impact those closest to them. I have an adult child that required hospitilisation in a psychiatric clinic and now people don’t know how to support that person or how to support the family. How do we support with out comprimising the persons health?
— Anonymous

Question 7

If yes,  do you think it's important to find a professional who is also a Christian?

Having experienced these issues over more than eighteen years, during several different life challenging issues, I know with absolute certainty I would be either dead or in an institution if I did not have Jesus walking with me during these years. My Faith has held me together and allowed me to face each day and sometimes each hour one by one.
— Anonymous

Question 8

Have you ever seen your GP,  a psychologist or counsellor regarding your mental health?

I love going to church. When I first became a christian, it helped me greatly with my depression. Now my depression has turned more into anxiety, which has now made it harder for me to enjoy being at church. I still love church, I just find it hard to be around people and make conversation. I miss how I used to feel at church, like everyone was my second family. It makes me question my faith and if I really am a christian. I pray things will be easier.
— Anonymous

Question 9

Has your experience with mental ill health (whether experienced by yourself or others close to you) ever caused you to question your faith in God?

Despite having anxiety and depression for over 15 years now I have preserved thru these issues, it certainly not easy having mental health issues, it is a daily battle. Working thru all these issues has been hard for me and my family, but we know that God is sovereign and in control.
— Anonymous