If you’re new here, you’re probably looking for Sunday Services, other regular Programs like Lanyon Youth, Kids Church, or maybe one of the things happening at the Gordon Community Centre.


In reality, much of what we do is done by volunteers, who freely give their time and energy.
But our staff provide valuable leadership and direction.    


Jonathan Holt

Senior Minister

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Nate Swift

Community Chaplain

Aden Cotterill

Youth Pastor

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Steve Boxwell

Church Planter

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Graham Simpson

Assistant Minister


The best way to understand what our church is like is to come and see for yourself.
But if we had to boil it down to some core values, they would be:  


We value reading and teaching God’s word, the Bible. It's not just a book; it is the living, active word of God that shapes and transforms our lives.



We value loving service. We desire to display our discipleship to Jesus through the things we do for each other and with each other.


We value worship as the best and right response to God. The first aspect of our attitude toward God is to glorify him for his loving goodness and faithfulness. 



We value the clear proclamation of the lordship of Jesus. We are convinced that the good news of Jesus’ victory over sin and death ought to be announced as God’s core message to his world.


We value prayer, as an expression of dependence on God. The second aspect of our attitude toward God is the reliance on him for everything we need, expressed in prayer.